List of Hmong Artists

Last Updated: September 30, 2019

“In a 1974 National Geographic article, Lyteck Lynhiavu, a young Hmong Leader, was asked, “why virtually no Hmong become artists?” To which he responded, “The Hmong dream only at night…An artist must dream all day, and we don’t have time.” Festival organizers say that things have changed since 1974 – today the Hmong community has found time to dream and to realize their dreams as artist in a wide variety of disciplines.” Source

Here is a list of Hmong visual artists from around the world. Visual artists include painters, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, cartoonists, sculptors, filmmakers, and much more. The names listed below are only a few that I have found. Feel free to suggest any that are not listed below, or feel free to add yourself! Just email me.

3PY Design – Artists & Graphic Designers 

Adam Lee (MN) – Illustrator / Animator / Visual Development

Adora Vang (MN) – Graphic Designer / Photographer / Illustrator / Digital Artist

Anisha Yang (MN) – Handletterer / Designer / Visual Artist

Aulora’s Crafts (CA) – Arts & Crafts

Bao Lao – owner of Ouji Studio (MN) – Illustrator

Bert Lee (MN) – Graphic Designer

Billy Thao (BeeTee) – Mixed-media Artist

Boon Ma Yang (CA) – Fine Art Painter

Caitlin Xiong (WI) – Illustrator

Cha-Ji – Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Photographer

Champa Lo (NY) – Designer / Illustrator

Cho-Zero – Illustration

Chou Her (WI) – Cartoonist / Illustrator / Animator

Choua Xiong (Tshua Xyooj) (WI) – Artist / Graphic Novelist

Christina Vang (MN) – Art Director / Designer

Connie Xiong (MN) – Designer / Photographer

Cy Thao (MN) – Politician / Painter

Daniel Yang – Illustrator

David Thao (KS) – Photographer

Dina Her (MN)- Painter / Comic Artist / Graphic Designer

Duachaka Her (WI) – Cartoonist / Illustrator

Gaoshua Vang (MN) – Illustrator / Photographer

Hai Lo (MN) – Animation / Illustration

Hleeda Lor (WI) – Graphic Designer

Houa Vang (NC) – Photographer

Hua M. Conry (WI) – Art Director / Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Hue Vang (CA) – Digital Artist / Matte Painter at DreamWorks Animation

Jennifer Tshab Her (IL) – Visual Artist

Jessi Xiong (MA) – Visual Development / Animation / Illustration

Jim Vang – Artist

Joanna Kangazoua Herr (KS) – Photographer / Graphic Designer

Kangbao Thao – Owner of “Miv Nyuas Hmoob” | Arts & Craft

Kao Lee Thao (MN) – Painter / Animator / Designer

Katherina Vang (a.k.a. Kat) (MN) – Fine Arts Portraiture Artist

Kazua Melissa Vang (MN) – Artist / Photographer / Graphic Designer

KB Lor (MN) – Artist

Kelly Her (WI) – Digital Artist

Keu Cha – Comic Artist

Khamsao Yang (WI) – Painter

Khou Vue (MN) – Freelance Illustrator + Designer

Kia – Illustration

Kimberly Yang (MN) – Designer / Developer / Aspiring Illustrator

Lashia Lee (MN) – Artist

Lee Xiong (MI) – Painter & Digital Illustration

Lee Yang (Elver-Lee) (MN) – Artist

Linda Vang – Art/ Illustration / Craft

Lor Lao (WI) – Artist

Ly Kune (MN) – Artist

Ma Ly (CA) – Painter / Educator

Mai Chao Vang (MN) – Artist

Mai Dao Thao (CA) – Photography / Digital Media

Mai Hlee Xiong-Kue (Mrs. Kue) – Designer / Social Influencer

Maikao Her (WI) – Cartoonist

Mai Koua Yang (MN) – Artist / Painter

Mai Lo Thao (WI) – Graphic Designer

Maiyer Jadeyon Thao (MN) – Artist

Melanie Xiong (WI) – Artist

Monkato Yang (WI) – Concept Art / Illustration

Nancy Her (CA) – Visual Artist

Neng Thao (CA) – Scientist / Artist / Informal Educator

Ngianhormua Yang (MI) – Illustrator / Designer

Nicollazzi Xiong (MN) – Graphic Designer

Nou Chee Her (WI) – Artist

Oskar Ly (MN)

Pang Khang (WI) – Photography / Graphic Design

Pang Zong Vang (NY) – Artist

Pao Houa Her (MN) – Visual Artist

Ricky Fang (a.k.a. Hooksnfangs) (CA) – Pinups / Cartoons / Comics

Sarah Moua (MN) – Filmmaker

See Xeng Lee (MN) – Painter / Educator

Sheena Vang (a.k.a. Pabgha) – Illustrator

Shoua Yang (WI) – Printmaker

Sieng Lee (MN) – Installation Artist / Graphic Designer

Song Yer Thao (MN) – Visual Artist

Stacey Lo (MN) – Graphic Designer

Stacy Lee Yang (MN) – Graphic Designer

Suzie Chang (CA) – Illustrator & Painter

Tai Moua (WI) – Illustration

Teeko Yang (MN)

Tony Pha (WI) – Filmmaker

Tori Hong – Visual Artist

Tou Her – Illustration

Tou Vue – Comic Artist

Tou Yia Xiong (MN) – Illustrator / Designer

Txeu Ying Vang / Sébastien Vang (France) – Painter / Sculptor

Txia Yang – Artist

Vam Moua (CA) – Fashion Illustrator / Graphic Designer

Vanghoua Anthony Vue (Australia) – Visual Artist

Vang Cheng Xiong (WI) – Artist

Venla Vang (MN) – Arts / Crafts

Victor Ku (Mighty Pegasus Art) (MN) – Artist

Victoria Kab Vang – Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Victoria Kue (PA) – Visual Artist

Xee Reiter (MN) – Visual Artist

Yayao Yuying (NC) – Comic Artist

Yer Za Vue (OR) – Artist / Painter

Yinkong Vue (MN) – Animation / Illustration

Ziang Her (CA) – Design & Illustration