Hmong Artist Interviews

This page is dedicated towards written interviews that I conducted with Hmong artists from around the world. The interviews ask the artists about their upbringings, how they got into art, and other questions relating to their work.

I started these interviews mainly because I wished there was something like this when I was first starting out as an artist. Growing up Hmong and choosing the path of an artist wasn’t easy. I didn’t know many other artists out there who were Hmong or know of any artists who I could connect to at a cultural level. By conducting these interviews, I hope to share their upbringings, struggles, and paths to becoming an artist.

Speaking of Hmong artists, if you would like to find out more, here is a list of Hmong Artists that I have compiled! 


  1. Yer Za Vue
  2. Koua Mai Yang  
  3. Shoua Yang (Ceev Tseg Press) 
  4. Yayao Yuying (DA-POW!)
  5. Ziang Her (SlantyPear Creative)
  6. Tou Her (Studio Tou)
  7. Champa Lo 
  8. Victor Ku (Mighty Pegasus Art) 
  9. Linda Vang
  10. Adam Lee
  11. Melanie Xiong (XioArts)
  12. Xee Reiter
  13. Choua Xiong
  14. Vanghoua Anthony Vue
  15. Ricky Fang (Hooksnfangs)
  16. Venla Vang (Venlaa)
  17. Sébastien (Tchou) Vang
  18. Yinkong Vue
  19. Hue Vang
  20. Kelly L. Her
  21. Lashia Lee
  22. Dru Varh
  23. Khou Vue
  24. Fulish Designs
  25. Almoua
  26. Studio Keeb
  27. Lee Sand Art
  28. Billy Thao
  29. Love Rainie
  30. Gaoshua Vang (Art by Gaoshua)
  31. Ngianhormua (Richie) Yang
  32. Alex Yang
  33. Unicorn Eclipse