Hmong Artist Interviews

This page is dedicated towards written interviews that I conducted with Hmong artists from around the world. The interviews ask the artists about their upbringings, how they got into art, and other questions relating to their work.

I started these interviews mainly because I wished there was something like it when I was first starting out as an artist. I didn’t have anybody to connect to, and by doing these interviews, I hope people will have something they can connect to. I plan to post two interviews monthly.

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Speaking of Hmong artists, if you want to find more Hmong artists that are out there, here is a list I compiled! 


  1. Yer Za Vue
  2. Koua Mai Yang  
  3. Shoua Yang (Ceev Tseg Press) 
  4. Yayao Yuying (DA-POW!)
  5. Ziang Her (SlantyPear Creative)
  6. Tou Her (Studio Tou)
  7. Champa Lo 
  8. Victor Ku (Mighty Pegasus Art) 
  9. Linda Vang
  10. Adam Lee–coming soon