Duachaka (Dua) is a Hmong-American cartoonist and illustrator from snowy Wisconsin. As a first generation Hmong-American, her parents persuaded her to go to college in hopes of her becoming a doctor, lawyer, or teacher. Of all the things she could’ve studied, she spent four long years obtaining a B.F.A. in Entertainment Design with a concentration in Comics and Sequential Art (fancy wording for basically a Comics Degree). Today, she tries her hardest to make comics, illustrate picture books, and still be a mom to her loving children.

She is represented by Janna Morishima at Janna Co.

Dua is also an advocate for Hmong writers, artists, and representation in the children’s literature! Because of this, she created a list of Hmong artists, a series of written Hmong artist interviews, and created a list of Hmong children’s books, board books, chapter books, and graphic novels written or drawn by Hmong people or featuring Hmong characters/subject matter.


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