Urban Roots Illustration Process

A month ago I had the pleasure of working alongside the other media group and Urban Roots Minnesota to create an illustration for an episode of Urban Root’s River Stories podcast. Final illustration below.

Illustration showing Marcos, one of the Urban Roots youth mentor, walking with his parents along the Mississippi River.

There were other artists who illustrated different podcast episodes as well. You can view the rest of the illustrations here: https://www.theothermediagroup.com/river-stories

As much as I enjoyed the finished artwork, I thought it would be interesting to share with you my process of bringing this illustration to life!

With most of my illustrations, I start out by doing several sketches for ideas and composition.

Below are the final 3 designs to choose from.

After the final design is selected, I start penciling it on paper.

Then I move on to inking. I ink with a watercolor brush and black India ink.

Once everything is inked, I would scan it and edit the colors in Adobe Photoshop. From there, I’ll play around with colors to make the final piece!

I hope you enjoy seeing my process. Until next time!