Light Grey Art Lab’s, “The End is Nigh” Exhibition + Halloween Mini Comic

Hello everyone! 

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! Just wanted to share that recently, I was accepted into Light Grey Art Lab’s, “The End is Nigh” group exhibition, an end of the year exhibition about finality featuring over 190+ creative artists! I created an illustration for the category, “Wearables / Ritual Garb / Burial Outfits and Objects.” Here is a sneak peak of the illustration!

“Farewell,” Digital, 2021.

My illustration was inspired by traditional Hmong burial clothes called “khaub ncaws laus,” or elder/ancestral clothes. “Khaub ncaws laus” varies a bit from regular traditional Hmong clothes, especially on the women’s outfit, the size of the “dab tsho” or elaborate collar is larger. Back in the days, it is believed they were made large enough to support the deceased person’s head when transporting the body to the burial site.

🎃 You can check out all the artworks from the exhibition and pre-order a copy of the art book here:

The exhibition is held at the Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The exhibition will be displayed through the end of November 2021.

Also! Before I go, here is a short 4-page comic I created just for Halloween! Enjoy~