Pre-Orders Open for “The Collection” (Reprint)


I hope you all are well. Recently, my comic book The Collection, went out of print and I honestly wasn’t sure if I wanted to reprint more books. However, I decided I go through with it!

I created this story almost 7 years ago, back when I was still in college. In fact, I launched my Kickstarter campaign to fund the first print run of this book on April 6, 2015!

The Collection is comic book about Duab, a Hmong-American 5th grader, juggling her school and home life meanwhile uncovering the importance of her culture. In the story, Duab struggles to complete a school project, help her younger sister get used to the school lunch, and host a family reunion party. 

The comic is near and dear to my heart as it shares some of the struggles I had growing up as a Hmong-American kid. I remembered being embarrassed about being Hmong and showing off my culture.

This story was created to capture my narrative in hopes that it would connect with kids going through a similar experience.

With that said, I have created a PRE-ORDER for copies of the physical book! If you’ve been meaning to get a copy, you can pre-order now! Head on over here:

Pre-orders will help me figure out how many to print and also lets me know if people are still interested in getting physical copies.

More information will be listed on my shop as to how pre-orders work. 

Also, April is officially Hmong Heritage Month! What better way than to celebrate the Hmong culture through literature and art?! If you’re an educator, parent, or know of anybody looking for something to share with kids about learning to be proud of who they are, The Collection might be a great start!