Hello 2023!

Hi everyone!!

Wow, we’re about 3 months in and I FINALLY feel like I got some decent news to share! I felt like I haven’t been very productive the last two months due to various reasons (like work…taxes…life…and just planning out my year sort of thing)!

But if you haven’t seen on my social media accounts already, I had posted that I will be attending TWO in-person events in April (yes, that’s next month)!


The first event will be Saturday, April 1st to Sunday, April 2nd in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I will be attending the Eau Claire Mini Flea Market selling some NEW merchandise (see below)!

My second in-person event will be in Eagan, Minnesota on Saturday, April 29th at the Hmong Arts & Craft Fair.

So if you have time to stop by either of those events, it’ll be great to meet you!

On another note, for the past few weeks, I have been working on some NEW stickers! They have finally arrived to me not too long ago. Below is a sneak peak!

And usually, I post a bit of my process here. The idea for these new stickers came about after making my first Sun and Moon holographic stickers last year.

Those stickers sold out at an event I tabled at least year, so I thought it’ll be cool to make more, but this time, with an elemental theme instead. Here are the initial sketchbook sketches.

And below are the colored files before they went to print. I decided to go with the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. I also threw in two more themes: Light and Dark or Angel and Devil (however, you want to interpret it). Plusssss, I came to realize that all of these make for almost all the colors in the rainbow, so it looked really cool and cute together!

But yeah! I hope you enjoyed this little process post and also me sharing my plans for the next month. This year I plan to focus on tabling more (maybeeee) and working on my comics (I know I say that every year, but it’s SO hard for me to focus and just commit)! *Fingers crossed!

I hope you all are doing well and getting the ball rolling with what you want to accomplish this year! Best of luck~! We can do this!!

Duachaka :)