State of Mind Project

Project Scope: create three diverse characters reflecting aspects from three different states.

Time frame: 1 week

— Three character turnarounds with four facial expressions
— Two 10″x8″ illustrations featuring all three characters interacting in an environment.

For this project, I decided to create a family of bears. I chose the states California, Montana, and Alabama to work with. The state mammal for California and Montana is a grizzly bear and for Alabama was a black bear.

The Collection – Duab character sketches

Hello all!

I will be posting a few preliminary sketches of the characters from The Collection comic on my blog in the next few weeks. I feel that understanding and seeing the process that goes behind an art form is often times more important than the finished product itself. For this story, I had to sketch out 100 drawings of my main characters (Duab and Muaj) to get a better understanding for what they will look like. Not only does drawing your character 100 or more times helps you figure out what your character will look like, it will also help you learn to draw your character more consistently (which is very important in comics).

Click image below to enlarge.

Duab Sketches

Fairy Court Project

In my Digital Imagery Studio class we were given a project to create a series of fairy characters and illustrations. There was a Summer Fairy Court and a Winter Fairy Court. Both courts had to include four characters. Characters needed to be diverse and have distinct silhouettes and personalities. The deliverables for the project are eight character turnaround model sheets, two illustrations of each court, and eight illustrations of at least three characters from either court interacting in the scene.

“The Collection” Kickstarter Campaign


I am pleased to announce the start of my Kickstarter campaign. This campaign is to fund the first print run of my comic book. The campaign will run Monday, April 6 to Wednesday, May 6. Click the link below to learn more about the campaign.

Kickstarter Campaign: link

Read the official story: here

The Collection – March Progress

It’s been a productive month so far. Here are three sample colored pages from The Collection. All inks are completed and colors are almost halfway done! Keep in mind that I’ll be running a Kickstarter Campaign to print this comic book in April! I’ll update everyone once I get that going. In the meantime, the weather is getting nicer. Maybe I can enjoy the warmer weather too. color-samples

“Save Our Salamanders” Project

These past few weeks in one of my classes we have been working on a project called “Save Our Salamanders.” The objective of this project is to create distinct salamander characters that could be used to promote the awareness of environmental issues such as mountain top removals happening in West Virginia. West Virginia is the home to particular species of salamanders living in the Kanawha Forest.

In groups of four, we were given the task to select six species of salamanders found in the Kanawha Forest that can form a dynamic group. We were to stylize these salamanders into likable cartoon characters targeted towards middle grades (students in 5th-8th grade). The group had the choice of choosing what kind of media these characters can potentially be used in, such as a t.v. show series, a comic book series, on merchandising materials (i.e. t-shirts, stickers, and toys), or so on.

Our process began with creating our characters. Each group member referenced from images of the actual salamanders and stylized them to our liking. From there, we came back together as a group and compared our drawings. The next step was to pull out similarities and differences of each group member’s drawings and pick out what physical and personality traits we want each salamander to have. After that we continued refining our characters until we have a finalized set of character model sheets. Character models sheets are often used in the animation industry to help standardize a particular character’s physical attributes so that someone else (an animator) could reference from it. Models sheets could also showcase a character’s personality and how that character moves. My process images and character model sheets can be found here.

We ended the project with putting our salamander characters into their environments. Groups were to create 20 illustrations (with five illustration per person) demonstrating the salamanders doing a particular activity together. For the entire group, four out of 20 of these illustrations had to be an activist-related activity such as picking up trash from the ground. Each illustration had to have the characters interacting in a way that shows each salamander’s individual personality.

Below are my five illustrations from this project.


One of five illustrations for Save Our Salamanders school project. Each illustration demonstrates the salamanders doing a particular activity.

S.O.S! Save Our Salamanders

Nap Time

One of five illustrations for Save Our Salamanders school project. Each illustration demonstrates the salamanders doing a particular activity.

The Collection – February Progress

We’re more than halfway through February already! Time is flying by fast. Here is my progress so far with The Collection comic. I’m about halfway done inking. Below are three random pages from the story. I’ll keep updating in the following months. Again, you can read more about this story here.

In the meantime, it’s awfully cold in Wisconsin here. Those who live in the north know what I mean. Keep warm.

Inked Samples