World Building Project: Gabby and Earl

A two-page comic based on a world where there are two island experiments. One island have an experiment of 10 people that started 60 years ago and the other one is a more recent study full of 10 years old. The objective of these studies are to study human behavior without the influences of the outside world. The island provides all the food, shelter, and food the experiments would need. The purpose of this world building project is to allow room for a more elaborate plot. This short comic is a segment of the larger world and story. The following environment drawings  illustrates the world of the two research islands.

Gabby and Earl - Page 1

Gabby and Earl - Page 2


World Building Environments


Wodehouse Project

A collaborative group project done for Comics class. The project took one and a half months. The group of five were to read short stories from P. G. Wodehouse’s My Man Jeeves. The original stories were published in 1919 and are in the public domain. Each student distilled the main plot points from a story and were in charge of laying out the comic panels and dialogues into 12 or less pages. The person then passes the layouts on to the pencilers, then the pencilers pass it on to their inkers, and eventually to the letterers and colorers. This project enabled me to work in a group setting as how larger comic industries are broken into smaller categories of artists.

The following images are my penciled pages for this comic:

The following images are my inked pages for this comic:

The following images are my lettered pages for this comic:

The following images are my colored pages for this comic:

Prometheus 2014 Anthology

I submitted three writing pieces, “Desserted,” “Unnoticed,” and “Home,” and got them published in the Prometheus 2014, the University of Wisconsin-Stout’s annual creative arts journal. It is a student-produced anthology featuring works and writing pieces from students at UW-Stout. Out of the three categories (Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction), “Desserted” was the Nonfiction Prizewinner and “Home” was the Fiction Prizewinner.

Prometheus 2014