Hmong-Inspired Gingerbread Coloring Sheets

Hello~ Recently, I created some new coloring sheets to add to my shop! The new coloring sheets feature a Hmong girl and Hmong boy inspired gingerbread cookie! These coloring sheets were inspired by the decorative and colorful gingerbread cookies during the holiday season. I thought it would be fun to add a Hmong-inspired twist toContinue reading “Hmong-Inspired Gingerbread Coloring Sheets”

The Making of “Farewell,” an illustration about Traditional Hmong Burial Clothes

Hello! Today’s post is a behind the scenes look at the making of a recent illustration I did for the Light Grey Art Lab’s “The End is Nigh” exhibition. My focus was on traditional Hmong burial clothes called “khaub ncaws laus,” which translates to elder/ancestral clothes. Since I did not had much knowledge of these traditional garments,Continue reading “The Making of “Farewell,” an illustration about Traditional Hmong Burial Clothes”

Hmong Artist SHOPS!

Hi everyone! With the holidays coming up, here is a list of Hmong Artist shops! If you would like to get some Hmong-inspired prints, stationary, personalized portraits, and more, please go through the list and check out from these artists! Adora VangCustom Portraits | Creative Printed GoodsShop: Alex Yang Art (Manchamoon)I sell: Art prints andContinue reading “Hmong Artist SHOPS!”