Periodic Table of Elements Illustrations

The final project for my Digital Imagery classes was to create a set of 6 illustrations inspired by some of the elements of the period table. I chose the elements Gold, Silver, Hafnium, Lead, Meitnerium, and Terbium. Three had to be character designs and the other three had to be environment-inspired designs. Some of these illustrations wereContinue reading “Periodic Table of Elements Illustrations”

Fight, fight, fight!

A short illustration project featuring two figures from history or culture and showing them fight one another. Each student was divided into groups of two and were given a pair of figures. I received the fight between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and the character I focused on was Steve Jobs. Below is a character model sheetContinue reading “Fight, fight, fight!”

State of Mind Project

Project Scope: create three diverse characters reflecting aspects from three different states. Time frame: 1 week Deliverables: — Three character turnarounds with four facial expressions — Two 10″x8″ illustrations featuring all three characters interacting in an environment. For this project, I decided to create a family of bears. I chose the states California, Montana, and AlabamaContinue reading “State of Mind Project”

Fairy Court Project

In my Digital Imagery Studio class we were given a project to create a series of fairy characters and illustrations. There was a Summer Fairy Court and a Winter Fairy Court. Both courts had to include four characters. Characters needed to be diverse and have distinct silhouettes and personalities. The deliverables for the project areContinue reading “Fairy Court Project”